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DXB Technical Services Technicians can repair your washing machine and have it back up and running quickly

If you need any parts then we just charge for these on top. Once your washing machine back up and running you will receive our * months guarantee on the same fault.

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DXB Technical Services requires the attention of experienced professionals have much experience in Repairing and trained experts. DXB Technical Services team of engineers and mechanics are fully trained and very experienced to carry out repairing. We are offering 3 hour slots for washing machine repairing, fixing and services in Dubai. We always available 24/7 at your services. You must receive a call before our arrival, its means you don’t run the risk of missing our Washing Machine Engineer, and our team will always take care in your home, removing any packaging and unwanted spare parts when leaving your house.

DXB Technical Services technicians can repair your washing machine and have it back up and running quickly

If you need any parts then we just charge for these on top. Once your washing machine back up and running you will receive our * months guarantee on the same fault.

Brands we Repair

These are top brands we repair in Dubai

  • Zanussi Repair and Service
  • Ariston Repairing and Service
  • Bosch Repair and Service
  • Siemens Repairing and Service
  • Teka Repair and Service
  • Baumatic Repairs and Service
  • LG Repairing and Service
  • Samsung Repair and Service
  • Daewoo Repairs and Service
  • Indesit Repairs and Service
  • Maytag Repair and Service
  • Miele Repair and Service
  • General Electric Repair and Service

Washing machine repair Dubai: Get same-day repairs from DXB Technical services

Like other home appliances, a washing machine is also a costly home appliance. This is why investing in its service and maintenance can save you more money in the long run. The washing machine failures can interrupt your daily work schedule, that too when you have a lot of clothes to clean and wash. In such cases, the most reliable solution is to get help from the washing machine repair services in Dubai.

At DXB technical services, our technicians can repair your washing machine and have it back to you running quickly. All you just have to do is make a call, get a free quote for the washing machine repair Dubai service and book a maintenance service. 

Our expert technician will reach your doorstep for the repairing service on the same day at the same time.

Top washing machine brands we repair in Dubai

Are you looking for the LG washing machine repair in Dubai? You can get your LG washing machine fixed from DXB technical services. It is not only with LG, here are some other Washing machine brands that we repair in Dubai.

  • Zanussi repair and service
  • Asistion repairing and service
  • Bosch repair and service
  • Siemens repairing and service
  • Teka repair and service
  • Baumatic repairs and service
  • LG respiring and service
  • Samsung repair and service
  • Daewoo repairs and service
  • Indesit repairs and service
  • Maytag repair and service
  • Miele repair and service
  • General electric repair and service
What issues of washing machines do we deal with?

We at DXB technical services can fix all the issues with the washing machine and Our services also include the following,

  • Vibrating washer
  • Leaky washer
  • Noisy washer
  • Washer not running
  • Washer not draining the water
  • Dryer not drying clothes
  • Spin tub not moving
  • Switches not working
  • Unable to wash clothes

Our technicians can repair such issues with minimal time. All our washing machine service Dubai is available at a budget-friendly rate.

Why do you have to choose us for the washing machine repairs?

There are several reasons that stress why you have to choose DXB Technical services for washing machine repairs.

  • We are experienced and serving the whole of Dubai for washing machine repair. All our expert technicians have more years of experience in this field.
  • Our teams of professional technicians can inspect, diagnose, and fix your washing machine properly.
  • We come to your desired location in Dubai for washing machine maintenance and repair services.
  • You can choose us mainly for delivery in the time factor.
  • We provide 24/7 services in Dubai
  • We provide  washing machine repair in Dubai at affordable prices
  • We are fast in our services and provides high-quality services
  • Also, we provide a service guarantee
  • You can hire our professionals and get the same day washing machine repair service in Dubai
  • Get free quotes from us
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DXB technical services are one of the most leading washing machine repair service providers in Dubai. You can contact us any time if you want to get washing machine repairs in Dubai. We offer efficient services to our clients and customers and this makes us different from other service providers.


If the new or few years old washing machine is troubling without proper functioning, it is worth repairing them. Approach the right washing machine service Dubai, and ask for the quotation. Ensure it falls under your budget.

The service provider would suggest you have washing machine maintenance and service them once in a few months. When you are choosing self-cleaning, it is better to clean it at least once in a month.

Washing machine repair costs will be depending on the issues you are experiencing in the machine. You have to approach the right washing machine repair in marina to discuss the issues and fix the repairs. Approximately, you can expect from $100 to $350.

Not all the repairs consume an equal amount of time. You should first know the issue within the washing machine by looking for washing machine repair nearby. Discuss with them about the issue, and you can know about the time and expense of the repairs.

It is advisable to service the washing machine at least once in a month with the hot water. If you cannot spare time for it, you can approach the right washing machine repair Dubai downtown, and they will help you with maintenance.