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Fridge / Freezer Repairing in Dubai

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We have much busy lives. So, it’s no wonderful thing that our Fridge and Freezer Repairs technicians in Dubai get worn out from time to time and We need a Mechanic / Engineer / Technician that Repair Fridge and Freezer Repairs in Time or we just need to call Local Man near you. you also like to Repair Your Freezer in Dubai or Sharjah When your Fridge and Freezer breaks down suddenly everything grinds to a halt. If your Fridge and Freezer has stopped working please don’t waste your much time to find and match TOP FRIDGE & FREEZER REPAIR SERVICES IN DUBAI, DXB Technical Services are here to help You and get washing machine repair at very affordable rates we also have much experienced staff.

No More Hassles With The Refrigerator Repairs Any More!

The last food that you have to throw out can be consumed even on the next day, and the device behind it is the refrigerator. When you want to have the device working well, you should have the proper assistance from a professional fridge repair service. Proper maintenance, care, and repairs are the only way to have good durability of the device.

Professional repair and service provider

DXB Technical Services in Dubai is a professional fridge repair service where you can have all kinds of fridge repairs. Our service includes dealing with all the issues in the fridge. We have a team of skilled technicians with years of experience to fix the repairs in a short time. Overall, our team will help you to fix the issues as quickly as possible and use the fridge again. 

When to contact us? 

When we talk about the common issues that everyone will come across in the fridge, here is the list of things you may experience. 

  • The compressor may not work properly. 
  • The fridge bed may start smelling.
  • The fridge may stop cooling. 
  • Bulbs may not work 
  • The issues in the way of air from the fridge 
  • Noise arises from the fridge compressor. 
  • Refrigerator not starting 
  • Not cooling 
  • Water leakage from the device 
  • Refrigerator not defrosting 
  • Refrigerator door alignment problems 

For all such common and any other issues, you can visit us or call us. Our team will visit you as soon as possible with the necessary tools and spare parts for dealing with the repairs. 

Major parts to pay attention in the refrigerator

The compressor contracts the refrigerator vapour elevates its pressure. Then thrusts it into the coils on the outermost of the device. When the hot gas in the coils meets the cooler air, the refrigerant will calm down as it will keep flowing into the coils inside the freezer and then to the refrigerator. The refrigerant engrossed the heat inside the fridge, and it will calm down the air. Finally, the refrigerant dries out the gas and flows to the back of the compressor. It is the place where the cycle or the process has started initially. So, you have kept additional importance to the parts like fluid refrigerant, compressor, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and lights. If you are finding things complicated or different from these refrigerator parts, it means that you should seek professional assistance from the refrigerator repairs nearby

Things we fix in the fridge 
  • Freezers 
  • Coolers 
  • Ice makers bottle coolers 
  • Chillers 
  • Undercounter refrigerators 
  • Walk-in coolers 
  • Walk-in freezers 
  • Types of the fridge we deal with 
  • Top-freezer refrigerator 
  • Side by side refrigerator
  • Bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Counter-depth refrigerator
  • French door refrigerator
  • Mini refrigerator
What can you expect from us? 
  • Quick response to the calls 
  • Competitive price in the market 
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians. 
  • Emergency services at any time throughout Dubai 
  • Home service and delivery 

Does your refrigerator now need the refrigerator repair service? Visit us at DXB Technical Services and our team will assist you! 


There are lots of reasons for such issues like the door is left open, the condenser coil requires cleaning, the cold control is set to be too cold, sometimes it will also be due to blockage in the fridge. So, you have to approach the right fridge repair Dubai to fix the issue.

Generally, the lifespan of the compressor of the refrigerator will be from 10 to 15 years. It is not recommended to repair after this period. If it is repaired in a short period, you can look for the refrigerator service near me to fix the repairs.

Generally, the lifespan of the compressor of the refrigerator will be from 10 to 15 years. It is not recommended to repair after this period. If it is repaired in a short period, you can look for the refrigerator service near me to fix the repairs.

Generally, the life of the fridge will be from 10 to 15 years. You have to consider the condition and how long it will work after fixing the repair. If it is worth the money, you can look for the fridge repair nearby to repair the fridge.

It is advisable to maintain the freezer with food that is half-filled. This will stabilize the temperature and keep energy consumption to fewer levels. If you require further assistance, you can approach the right freezer maintenance Dubai.