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We have much busy lives. So, it’s no wonderful thing that our Dryer Repairs technicians in Dubai get worn out from time to time and We need a Mechanic / Engineer / Technician that Repair Dryer Repairs in Time or we just need to call Local Man near you. you also like to Repair Your Dyer in Dubai or Sharjah When your Dryer breaks down suddenly everything grinds to a halt. If your Dryer has stopped working please don’t waste your much time to find and match TOP Dryer REPAIR SERVICES IN DUBAI, DXB Technical Services are here to help You and get Dryer repair at very affordable rates we also have much experienced staff.

Approach DXB Technical Services to Get Your Dryer Repaired Now! 

With the growth of technology, home appliances play a vital role in the day to day lives. Imagine you have a week or month without the electronic goods in your home. It is almost impossible! In the list of such devices, the washer dryers also have a significant place. When such appliances get repaired, you can immediately contact the professional dryer repair in Dubai. 

Right destination for the dryer repairs in Dubai 

DXB Technical Services has been a leading washer dryer repair in Dubai for years. We are specialized in home appliances repair and service with the proven records of delivering superior dryer and washer repairs. We repair and service all the major brands of the dryer to make them work in perfect condition. Our team of experienced technicians is readily available throughout Dubai to assist the people with an adequate solution to fix the issues in the dryer and earn satisfaction from the clients. 

Instances you can contact us 

Generally, there are certain instances where your dryer will notify you that it requires professional treatment. Here are such symptoms you have commonly. 

  • Your dryer creating a loud noise 
  • The dryer does not start or work even after plugging in safely. 
  • Dryer fuse blows 
  • The dryer won’t get heat or face some issues with the thermostat or incase of any other heating element.
  • The dryer is not getting balance or not moving in place perfectly.
  • If you find any health or smoke unnecessarily in the area 
Common dryer parts to be repaired 
  • Blower fan blades 
  • Door switch 
  • Door catch 
  • Drive belt 
  • Drum 
  • Drum support roller kit 
  • Drum glide bearing 
  • Electronic control board 
  • Drum glide bearing 
  • Drum support roller kit 
  • Idler pulley  
  • Idler pulley bracket 
  • Timer 
  • Motor relay 
  • Thermostat 
  • Operating thermostat 
  • High-limit safety thermostat 
Our team 

Our team of repair engineers carries a wide array of quality appliance parts in their vehicle to fix the repairs as quickly as possible. All of them are updated with the technology, and they can work with any brands like Samsung, Roper Industries, LG Electronics, Fagor, Miele, Haier, etc. As they are professionals, they never fail to keep up the time and proper work to deliver great results. They handle high-quality tools, so there may not be any additional issues with the device. 

Why choose us? 
  • Our price is always fair for the repairs.
  • We value the client’s satisfaction the most.
  • We offer the quote before we start working with the device.
  • Completely on time and professional service
  • All the services are done at the doorstep unless there certain cases 
  • We guide for the dryer maintenance 
Get the issues fixed now!

We can deal with any simple and major washer dryer repair in Dubai. If your device is troubling you, contact us immediately to book an appointment. Our team will arrive shortly within the fixed timing to deal with the repairs. With high-end tools, expertise tools, we shall guarantee you quick and effective dryer repair services.



The cost of the dryer repairs will be based on the repairs in the machine. Commonly, it will consume around $100 to $430 from the genuine service provider. However, ensure how worth it would be for repairing the dryer from the dryer repair near me before opting for it.

If the dryer is relatively new in less than 5 years, it is worth repairing it considering the issue with the dryer. However, you have to approach the right dryer repair and enquire about the repairs and issues to know the cost and ability of it to function after the repair service.

It is advisable to replace the dryer or washer before it completely stops functioning. On average, it will have approximately 12 years of life span. So, look for the right washer dryer repair that will assist you with the right solutions.

If you are looking for dryer maintenance, it is simple. You have to clean the lint trap and vent the duct completely. Ensure you are not overloading the dryer and using the right liquid fabric softener. If required, you can also approach the professional service.

If you want to repair the washer, the first thing you have to do is look for the price of the washer and compare it with the cost of the repairs. If you feel it is reasonable, you can look for the right Washer dryer repair Dubai to proceed with it.