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DXB Technical Services provides Air Conditioners repairing and Maintenance services in Dubai at very affordable rates. Fast pick-up and deliver to your home.

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Little bit more about AC maintenance in Dubai:

AC maintenance in Dubai for your home is along the same lines as maintenance on a vehicle. Setting up routine Air Conditioner maintenance and repairs services with DXB Technical Services in Dubai and Sharjah not only will keep your Air Conditioner performing at a higher level, but it will actually save your money and save your much time.

Scheduling regular central AC maintenance in Dubai also reduces your monthly bill😊. AC Maintenance helps prevent repairs caused by unmaintained systems. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy Air Conditioner maintenance and repairing services, but we’re much sure you enjoy more savings, and when you have a AC performing at its best you’re bound to save money. And what’s better than being comfortable while saving money and Yes then Call us Now.


Brands we Repair

These are top brands we repair in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & Al-Ain.

  • Zanussi Repair and Service
  • Ariston Repairing and Service
  • Bosch Repair and Service
  • Siemens Repairing and Service
  • Teka Repair and Service
  • Baumatic Repairs and Service
  • LG Repairing and Service
  • Samsung Repair and Service
  • Daewoo Repairs and Service
  • Indesit Repairs and Service
  • Maytag Repair and Service
  • Miele Repair and Service
  • General Electric Repair and Service

Visit DXB Technical Service To Have Professional Treatment For Your AC!

Like any other machinery, the home appliances like AC also should be maintained and cared for the healthy and proper functioning. Your AC should receive the proper service before the summer season starts or in case of any repairs. Else, it may lead to being worsening as there are lots of chances to be faulty and broken. Hunting the right service personnel for the air conditioner repair Dubai will take responsibility to care for the AC.

DXB Technical Services: The Leading Service for AC Repairs

DXB Technical Service offers preventive maintenance protection for various brands of ACs. Our professional technicians will offer the best service as they have sufficient knowledge of the technical aspects of the Air conditioner. It can be any brands like a blue star, Samsung, or any other brands we install, maintain them with high perfection. We are arrogant to offer services by professionally trained and certified technicians. As the leading AC repair Dubai, our goal is to offer scarce service at an affordable price.

List of services we offer
  • Installing the AC: Our team of professionals is experts in dealing with the AC. They can evaluate the gas pressure and performance of the appliance to install them. Further, they can also guide you with the maintenance tips.
  • Uninstalling the existing AC: AC uninstalling is also the process where you should be focused. Our professional hands will work for it to ensure proper uninstalling and further process.
  • Wet services: It includes the end of cleaning the AC. Here, we clean the cooling coils, outer panels, condenser coils, filet pipes and drains for extensive cleaning and washing.
  • Repairs: there are lots of reasons for the Air Conditioners to get repairs. We are the professional air conditioner repair Dubai who will deal with any kinds of repairs. Using the right material and the professionals, we can assure high-end repair services.
How do we work?

To find the industry-leading professionals in no time, you just have to visit us at DXB Technical Service. A pop-up tab will open up wherein you will need to fill the details regarding the necessity for the ac repairs in Dubai. Also, you have to answer some questions like the kind of service you request like the type of AC, location, time, etc. We will process the request as soon as possible and visit you at the doorstep at the specified time to deal with the AC repairs.

Why DXB Technical Service?
  • We offer the round the clock service where you need not skip any other works due to this service.
  • Our service is completely transparent, and you can have a clear idea of the service and the cost.  
  • Our team of passionate professionals can work for all the brands of AC, and they are also updated with the recent technology.
  • We use high-quality spare parts if there are any replacement needs.
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Does your AC require any professional treatment? Our ac maintenance and repairs team are here to assist you! Visit us or drop a message and we will reach you shortly. Leave the responsibility with us and our technicians will care for the device.


If you want to install an AC it might take 6 hours approximately. When it is for the AC repairs, the professionals from AC repair Dubai satwa services will first see the condition of the AC. Depending on the repairs the repair time may vary.

The most important maintenance task that an air conditioner needs is routine to replace or clean its filters. Normally dirty filters will block the airflow. This will also reduce the efficiency of the system significantly. Ac repairs Dubai downtown will replace the dirty clogged filter with a clean one that can lower your air conditioners energy consumption.

Ac repair services cost may vary from services to services. The cost depends on the condition of your AC. First, the professionals from the AC repair services will check the condition of the AC and they will give you an estimated quote.

Replacing an AC compressor takes about 4-6 hours which depends on the size of the unit and access to the compressor. The ac technician dubai is well-equipped; he can replace the air compressor within the few hours. The replacement time of the compressor also depends on the size of the compressor.

An AC condenser cannot be repaired and must be replaced. With one of the air conditioning lines, sometimes a leak might be at the place of connection. The ac maintenance service uses special equipment to find refrigerant leaks in an air conditioning system.

The AC coils should be cleaned once a year during a routine maintenance visit. Consider the unit location, if you are in a big city with a heavy population, ac coil cleaning dubai cleans up the AC coil twice a year. Cleaning around the coil will provide adequate airflow.

Yes, it is worth repairing an air conditioner repair dubai, because the ac technician dubai professionals are experts to solve the repairing issue. They properly identify the issue and repair the AC to operate at the highest efficiency. The well-trained technicians will be able to find and fix problems in a short period.